Fresh strawberries individually dipped in milk or dark chocolate

Hallie Berry

Milk or Dark chocolate beautifully blended with white chocolate

Berry Banana

Bananas AND strawberries dipped in your choice of chocolate

Berry White

Fresh strawberries dipped in smoo-o-o-o-oth white chocolate

Fairy Dingle

Fresh strawberries in your choice of chocolate surrounded with whipped cream

Sprinkle Dingle

A Dingleberry with colored sprinkles

Berry Nut'Ricious

Crunchy blend of nuts and chocolate - deliciously happy together

Sy Berry An Tiger

A Berry White with Tiger stripes...GRRRR!

Berry Good Cookie

Oreo cookie crumbs make this incredibly good

Freeze Cake

Frozen New York-style Cheesecake dipped in semi-sweet chocolate then drizzled with white chocolate and topped with raspberries

Banana Bites

Frozen chunks of banana dipped in semi-sweet chocolate and drizzled in white chocolate