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You've had shish-kebab. You've definitely had strawberries. Put 'em together and what do you got? Shishkaberries.


The original purveyors of chocolate dipped fruit, Shishkaberry's has long been known for picking the freshest of berries and dipping 'em in the finest of chocolate.


Now, thanks to Shishkaberry's of New England, you're getting this decadent dessert on the go. Starting with the ripest and juiciest of strawberries, Shishkaberry's is dipping 'em in chocolate and a bevy of toppings to pay respect to your sweet tooth.


Get the classic chocolate dipped strawberry with your choice of milk or dark chocolate, or go all out and get sprinkles or Oreo cookies on top. There's a whole lot you can do with shishkaberries, and Shishkaberry's is doing it right.


So make the right choice and find Shishkaberry's of New England in Boston and beyond. Better yet, book 'em to cater your next event.

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